Non-Credit Student Handbook


Policies included in this handbook are applicable to students enrolled in non-credit programs or courses.



When students register for courses or certificate programs they incur the cost of tuition. Students may not be permitted to participate in courses or programs until the tuition payment is settled.

In the event of non-payment when due while enrolled may result in an administrative withdrawal from the program.

Please note that unless students officially withdraw as described below, they will be responsible for all tuition and fee charges associated with the courses or certificate programs.


Withdrawals and Refunds

Students can withdraw from a course at any time. The following policies will determine if a refund will be given to a student:

1) Withdrawals from a course two (2) days or more before the course start date, you will receive a full refund

2) Withdrawals from a course one (1) day before the course start date, you will receive a 75% refund

3) Withdrawals on or after the course start date will not receive a refund

4) If a student chooses to drop from the program, they will be liable to pay the remaining balance of the full tuition.

Note: extenuating withdrawal circumstances will be listened to on a case-by-case basis for partial refunds. Examples of extenuating circumstances include:

Attendance and Participation

Students are expected to attend and participate in classes. Absences and tardiness not only can result in a lowered grade but also jeopardize a students in a program. Students should carefully review course each syllabus for specific guidance on attendance/participation.

Start Dates

The New Jersey Institute of Technology reserves the right to postpone the opening of a course to address scheduling constraints.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology reserves the right to expel students, without refund, due to improper or unacceptable behavior.

Record keeping 

Non-credit course registrations will be recorded in the official non-credit electronic student record-keeping system.

Certificate and Badges

Certificates and badges may not be released due to non-payment.